Walk & Train offers clients a friendly and trustworthy pet service operated by Industry Accredited Dog Trainer, Emma Norton.

Walk & Train is a reliable care program for your pet using reward-based training. Walk & Train provides quality companionship for dogs or other pets in need of enrichment, exercise and company whilst their guardian is not home. Gentle and kind training methods are used to supplement the care you give your much-loved furry family member.


The Walk & Train program brings you these advantages:

  • It is ideal for those with busy lifestyles, such as full-time workers. Your pet will still receive the attention he or she deserves whilst putting your mind at ease! Let us help you to train your dog!
  • Breaking up a long day alone will assist in preventing dogs from practicing behaviours associated with boredom or stress such as barking, digging or chewing inappropriately
  • The extra attention can help with neighbourly relations as a consequence of giving your pet something to do in the day
  • The program is accessible to most dogs, including those who cannot attend social groups such as day-care centres due to the social challenges they may currently be facing


The ‘Train’ part of Walk & Train goes hand in hand (or lead in hand!) with everything Perth Paws does!

  • We will walk your dog on lead whilst taking the opportunity to reinforce foundation behaviours such as loose lead walking.
  • The use of positive reinforcement methods will build a connection with your dog and the handler which can be easily transferred to the dogs’ guardian, setting you both up to succeed!
  • Emma and Rachel’s many years of experience handling shelter dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes, as well as temperaments ranging from intense to fragile, has seen them develop skilled and humane management techniques where the approach of other dogs and/or people are concerned.
  • We will walk a maximum of one dog at a time, if there are multiple dogs in the household, they can be walked independently on the same visit.
  • Tasty treats are always carried so that opportunities to improve your dogs’ associations with others and their surroundings are never wasted!
  • Walks are timed for the cooler parts of the day during summer, but we don’t mind walks in the rain if your doggy doesn’t!
  • When you go on holiday, you may have a family member or pet sitter looking after your dog. Having a trainer handle your dog on walks regularly can prevent your training from taking a few steps backwards while you are away from your dog.


Walk & Train will benefit puppies too!

  • Set your puppy up to succeed by having a training session during the day!
  • Puppy visits include a lunchtime feed, toilet training and an enrichment/training session to alleviate boredom while you are away from home
  • Prevent problems before they can begin such as house soiling
  • Encourage the development of good manners


Walk & Train can also assist with:

  • Feeding and caring for other pets as needed
  • Help in caring for your pet if you are ill or injured
  • Caring for senior dogs in need of quiet company and gentle massage
  • Administering pets’ medications

Walk and Train is affectionately referred to as puppuccino time, because for dogs this break in their sometimes lonely day can be like a coffee break for people in their long day: A well needed break with a friend!